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How to build your own Android Box Smartbox

torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member

I was wondering if there were any guides or tutorials, videos or anything to learn how to build your own custom smartbox or Android Box. Obviously you can use any computer, laptop or tablet to run Kodi.
I am vaguely aware how to replace basic computer parts like RAM, hard drive, CD DVD ROM drives.

I see there are some overpriced kits on Amazon to build your own, mostly Raspberry Pi boxes.

I just want to learn, hardware and software part. Basically, so I could custom build a smart box with powerful components, overkill, and load any software to it. Preferably Android OS or the WE OS or similar, because I like the wetek os format and Android capabilities.

I am not very tech savvy about these boxes. I dont understand the specs like openelec or ARM? CPU Amlogic, I did look up Amlogic to see there are different models, some more powerful I am guessing.

Basically, a simple how to for dummies?
Maybe an ebook?


  • torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member
    I am enrolled to study computers, network and tech support technician.

    These are the courses.

    Semester 1

    Electric Circuits
    Digital Fundamentals
    Technical Mathematics Technical Reading and Writing

    Semester 2
    An Introduction to Arts and Sciences
    152: Telecommunication Networks
    Windows Server Operating System Administration1
    Fundamentals of Networking Technologies
    Introduction to Hypervisors
     Unix System Administration
     Technical Workplace Writing Skills

    Semester 3

    IT Processes and Support
    Advanced Routing and Switching
    Cloud InfrasturctureNEST
    Unix System Admin 2
    Windows Server Operating System Administration 2

    Select 1 from the following courses

    GNED: General Elective

    Required 1 from the following courses

    NEST 209: Wireless Networks
    NEST 210: Network Automation

    Semester 4

    NEST 255: Security
    Data Centre Technologies
    Unix System Admin 3
    Windows Server Operating System Adminstration 259: Technical Project

    Select 1 from the following courses

    GNED: General Elective

    Required 1 from the following courses

    Unified Communications
     Industrial Networks

    I know from whst I read online boxes are based on Raspberry Pi. Whatever thst is, a mini computer used to make games too.
    I guess I would need to learn android or no?

    How would I install android software or other software firmware. Not sure of the difference.

    Idk the difference in operating systems like open elec or unbuntu or whatever wetek uses.

    Would I be able to copy the APK software of wetek and add to my own box that I make?

    I see a lot of android boxes online look almost identical with their software. I dont know if thats android or something else. Some kind of universal software like linux or something?

    I do know that any computer system uses more than one form of software. One to work with the hardware, another one on top like android? Or is it linux? Or open elec? Idk the difference but zi am eager to learn.

    Thank you. Any help would be grateful
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