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Kodi issues?

torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member
Anyone having kodi issues lately?

Its been acting strange, laggy, freezing, noy launching.

I have kodi isengard because i was told not to upgrade.

I also had issues launching weplayer which is based version 16.

I know kodi has had a lot happen in the past week. And their final version of kodi is realeased. Not sure what that means for Kodi.
If kodi will stop workjbg someday?

Seems like it could be good so that addons wont need to be updated constantly.

I havent tried the new version yet.

I am aware alot of addons are shutdown now.

I am just not sure if my internet provider is throttling my service or if kodi is unstable.


  • torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member
    What type of addons or tools are there for using Kodi?

    Like to make sure Kodi is running efficient, clearing cache, optimize speed, optimize stream connections, F4M tester, etc.

    Or to optimize the android box I am using, to speed up things, make sure the box is optimized for Kodi?

    Are there addons that can be used in Kodi for Netflix and Googleplay Store and Aptoide?
    I wouldnt want to lose them.

    Also any apps to change the launcher on an android box?

    I have an sdcard with librelec but havent tried it because I like having a launcher so I can have access to apps like netflix the googleplay store etc.

    Thank you!

    Sorry for noob questions
  • torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member
    I know some people say clear cache to speed up kodi but thats not true from my understanding.

    I have installed many repos and probablly installed the same zipfile repo more than once by mistake.

    Is there a way to delete these hidden files and where are they?

    I dont want remove repos because that would make addon stop working or updating correct?

    What if i installed zipfiles more than once by mistake?

    Are there other ways to speed up kodi on my android box?

    I know i can delete addons. Will disabling addons or repos help in anyway?

    Is there other ways besides erasing kodi data and starting over? I dont want to lose all my stuff.

    Last night I tried to use Kodi on my wetek core and nothing would work properly. It kept freezing, lagging. Kept trying to update multiple addons at the same time that I couldnt do anything but start erasing things. Even outside of kodi it was lagging and freezing. I had to unplug it a few times.
  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    Could you go to your applications settings and let me know the size of the WePlayer and kodi apps?

    Could you try to clear data from those apps and try to open them again to see if they open faster?

    Also, there is no need to have kodi 17 on a Core since the video performance is not optimal depending on the encoding. Try to delete unnecessary apps you do not use to see if it is possible to increase the device's performance.

    Best Regards

  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    To Make sure your kodi is running smooth, try to be careful to not have your device with almost every kodi addon installed. Try to clear cache once in a while. It can help the startup process if you keep the setting "update library on startup" deactivated

    Also, try to avoid movies thumbnails especially in have High Definition as this can be heavy on your device.

    Add-ons for Netflix, for now, do not exist and I do not a thing that would be legal.

    You can also install a launcher that you can download from google play. But asking for alternatives launcher and optimize device performance on the same post, they really do not match :P
    Installing additional launchers will only make the device become heavier.

    Keep Kodi and all your applications optimized, and the device will be optimized ;)

    Remember to not avoid unnecessary applications like Kodi 15, Kodi 16 and Kodi 17 on the same device, with add-ons. This is not optimizing a device :)

    Best Regards

  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    @torontopaul Please, do not create multiple threads when you are reffing to the same problem over and over. Keep it in the same thread, please.

  • torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member
    This is the only thread i made?

    It saya kodi is over 3gb

    I already cleared cache and thumbnails with the indigo tool since its the only one i can find.

    I know it says clear data 3gb in settings but it says it will erase everything. I dont want to lose all my repos and addons.

    I had 10 addons but now just 2 addons.

    I dont know why it even has 3gb. I dont download movies or anything as far as i know. I did read somewhere some addon sources can download movies without you realizing it. I dont know if thats the problem or if from installing repo zipfiles
  • torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member
    Oh. I also have some other issues. I havent been able to use googleplay for a while for some reason. When i click on it, it does nothing.

    So i tried to use aptoide tv to upgrade kodi but that wouldnt work either.
  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    @torontopaul Just Clear The Entire Kodi Data.

    Option 3 of this guide

    Do the same for your Google play store and see if it opens after that.

    Best Regards

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