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Lost everything??

eclefeclef Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
Hello, I recently updated openelec on a wetek core, by following instructions on an openelec wiki page (which involved wirelessly putting the update file in a folder on the box, from my PC). This went fine..

I did the same thing on a second box. This time when I booted the box from SD, instead of openelec, it started to load a fresh install of Android???

I later realised the step I missed the second time round, was to update Android on the box first, before I do the openelec update.

Is it seriously possible that by not updating android on the hd first, that an openelec update for the sd card has somehow removed openelec and replaced it with android?? Sounds ridiculous...

Secondly, can anything be done? Or is everything lost, and now I need to install an openelec disk image on the sdcard etc and start from scratch?



  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team

    Android cannot be installed in an SDcard, the Android you're seeing if being deployed over the NAND of the device.

    Yes, you may need to update your android version before being able to use newer versions of other OS.

    Update your Android to the latest version and try to boot from the SDcard again.

  • eclefeclef Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
    Thanks for the reply.

    I have put the SD card from the second box, into the first box which has the updated version of Android. I expected that openelec should work.

    Instead, it just takes me to the Wetek OS.

    All that should be on this SD card is openelec, so I don't know why It wont load openelec no matter which box it's in.

    If I put my original SD card back in, all is back to normal and Openelec loads.

    Please advise as I'm losing my mind here. I don't understand how what's on my SD card has changed.

  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    If that is the case, probably that Sdcard got somehow corrupted, and needs to be re-written.

  • eclefeclef Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
    Thanks. How frustrating. I'll look into this as I've never done it before.
    But if by any chance, you can recommend a reliable/easy program or method, to let me clone openelec from SD card 1 onto SD card 2, that would save me lots of reading and research (of which I've done plenty of recently :smile: )

    Thank you
  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    The best way would be to backup all of your data in Openelec. you can find this in Openelec settings.
    Save the file to a USB stick.
    then on a fresh Openelec install, load the backup file and the system should clone. Even if it means bad configurations :)

  • eclefeclef Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
    Many thanks for your help
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