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Le 8.2.2mr

Wink_DinkersonWink_Dinkerson Posts: 64WeTek Community Member
edited December 2017 in OpenELEC/LibreELEC (Core)
Have Core users been able to use the latest LE release?

I have been using LE 8.0.2 as I have found this version the only stable version (for my Core) YMMV.
I updated to the latest LE, since Core fixes are specifically listed in this MR.
After several attempts at upgrading, the 8.2.2MR will freeze/lockup the Core, and I am forced to unplug from power to reboot.
I am able to "downgrade" versions via the gui, under available versions.


  • codesnakecodesnake Posts: 744WeTek Community Member, Developers
    Where do you have LE installed, NAND or SD card? At what stage of the update process your box freezes?
  • Wink_DinkersonWink_Dinkerson Posts: 64WeTek Community Member
    LE installed on mSD card.
    Update completes and all seems well.
    Approximately 7 minutes into a movie, and the Core will freeze.
    Rebooting the Core, then downgrading to 8.0.2 via the gui, and the Core works perfectly.
  • Wink_DinkersonWink_Dinkerson Posts: 64WeTek Community Member
    I formatted my mSD card and installed fresh LE 8.2.2MR.
    Still having issues with non-playback of files.
    Reverting back to 8.0.2 and the Core works properly.
    I will stay with the older version of LE.

    Have A Happy and Safe New Year!!
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