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WPlay 2 - dead :(

mc4mc4 Posts: 24WeTek Community Member
edited February 2018 in WeTek Builds/ROMs/Updates
Guys, I need your help.
I'm very inexperienced with WP2 and screwed it up!

I used Kodi but as there are fewer addons running I ended up installing Netflix and starting a subscription. The problem is that with Netflix I could not get Dolby Digital 5.1 through S/PDIF like in Kodi and I was investigating and found a ROM from Ricardo's - "Wetek Play 2 Android TV 2.4.1.zip" - to get the DD 5.1 in Netflix, so I made an update. Previously I made a factory reset then got into Recovery mode and installed the zip file.

Apparently it was working but the sound of Netflix remained only as stereo PCM, not DD 5.1 as I wanted.

I kept searching and found another ROM from Ricardo's that seemed to solve the problem of DD 5.1 in Netflix - "wetekplay2_androidtv_1.1.zip". I returned to Recovery mode, installed from the zip file, installed well, rebooted the box but the box turned off the blue light and did not restart.

A few minutes later I turned the power OFF and ON again, get blue light but no image. Tried the hard reset by turning the power off and pressing the button under the box and turning it back on, I waited 20 seconds to load and nothing, I repeated the process several times but I can not get any image or enter the recovery mode.

What can I do to get the WP2 working again and what is the path to get DD 5.1 in Netflix?
By the way, which version of Netflix and where can I get it? When the box was working I couldn't find it in Google Play Store.

Thank you


  • ChopChopChopChop Posts: 35WeTek Community Member
    @mc4 Follow this manual

    You will get back to WeOS 2.0.2 and from there you could flash Ricardo V1.x
  • mc4mc4 Posts: 24WeTek Community Member
    Unfortunately as someone said there: " this tutorial dont fix the wetek play 2"
    Same here, only the usual black screen and nothimg happened :(
  • ChopChopChopChop Posts: 35WeTek Community Member
    There is a chance that you bootlooped your device

    Step 1
    Connect serial cable and brake the boot with (CTRL+C)
    Until you get something like #interrupt

    then write this:


    Step 2
    Try to insert the SDcard again,

    and see if the message " press the power button to boot form the internal nand "

    At this point press the power button to run the nand system.

    If does not work please try this clean install

    First you need to download this tool, to format your SDcard

    Second you need to download these files 4 files

    If you download as ZIP file extract it until you get 4 files listed like this (Do not need to be in the same order)
    - DB-J235-wetekplay2-master-ota-2017-01-19_17-46-13
    - DTB
    - factory_update_param
    - recovery

    Copy them to your SDcard

    After you have copied the files to your SDcard follow these steps

    - Insert the SDcard with the files in your device.
    - Disconnect your power supply.
    - Underneath your Device, you have an update button. (Small Hole)
    - With the update nail provided in your purchase, press that update button
    - While pressing, connect your power supply now
    - Keep pressing the button for 10 more seconds.

    After the 10 seconds the installation will start automatically.

    It may take 1-2 boots until you will be back online. It took me three "nail" exercises to get working device.
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