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LibreElec Nand install

sweetthysweetthy Posts: 10WeTek Community Member
Hello there,

After reading the forum for quite a bit I understand that installing LibreElec on my Hub will see a major performance improvement and as I only use it to watch my video library through Kodi it feats the bill.

However, I do not have a MicroSD and do not see the point to bother with one as I have no plans to return to the Android ROM. I understand the warranty will be void - I bought it when it came out so I guess it is already gone.

Few concerns to get over first:

1) Would the wetek remote control works with LE? And would I be able to control the hub with my TV remote through the CEC connection as I do now?
2) Are the performances for the 4K/UHD content better as well?
3) I am sharing my video/music library over my network and used a MySQL library to synchronised my multiple Kodi - Am I going to face any issues there?
4) All my others Kodi are working on Archlinux system - does LE update quickly once a new Kodi is released (crucial for the MySQL database)
5) Worst case scenario and I want to revert back to Android - Am I correct to think it's just a matter of flashing the original ROM back to the HUB?

And finally, I cannot seem to find a howto to install LE on the NAND directly?



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