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new openatv6.1 build by takitr

tareetaree Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
good news for wp2 pwners.
all credit goes to takitr .
we are thankfull to him to build a fantastic openatv build for our box.
while official wetek team is taking a long sleep.
no care for customers...prity shamefull behaviour by wetek team.
u can download image from
so far after testing my impression is very good.
this is the best image so far built for wp2.


  • tatratatra Posts: 15WeTek Community Member
    This image does not boot. Is this a joke?
  • ozkaradagozkaradag Posts: 590WeTek Community Member
    edited April 2018

    First of all thank you very much for your valuable work.

    I test the image on WP2, my first impressions are very positive.

    Scan: OK.
    Resolution 4K: OK.
    Remote Control functions: OK.
    SD, HD and 4K Channels: OK.
    Image Quality: It's fine with me.

    But there was no Internet connection and I think that IPTV did not work.

    Note: If you do not hear sound on the 4K channel, change the sound system on the Android system. Sound will come.

    Best regards...
  • tatratatra Posts: 15WeTek Community Member
    How to set androidon to become AC3 sound?
  • WeTekFanWeTekFan Posts: 17WeTek Community Member
    Same for me, it does not boot. I tried several images from that forum thread without success. When booting from that sdcard (other imaages work fine when trying with that same sdcard), all I see is a green flash on screen and then nothing.

    I really hope that this can be fixed somehow. I would help but have not been able to pull out any debug data on it.
  • ozkaradagozkaradag Posts: 590WeTek Community Member

    Observation report:

    1- The device can stay on black screen in the first installation according to TV and Hdmi cable. This problem can be overcome by pressing the OK key once before the command.

    2- After installing the device, you can connect with Telnet, define the password with passwd, and list the channel with dreamboxedit editor.

    3- 4K video and TV display is OK, but the sound needs to choose aac.AC3 if the sound and display problems. When the image goes and the sound is coming out, the sound strikes in a quiet position.

    4 - plugin pool is empty on the device.

    5 - I manually set up TSPanel. I did a speed test on Tspanel, and there is internet on the device.

    6- I installed the iptvplayer plugin via tspanel, the plugin works, but when iptv tries to open the stream the device restarts. It does not fall on the blue screen.

    7- I installed the Turkvod plug-in manually. The plugin works, but when iptv tries to launch it crashes without a blue screen and the device does not boot up again. Even if you delete the plugin with FTP, it does not open. I have re-established the image as a solution 3-4 times.

    8- I did not have any problem with skin on TSPanel. There were keys that did not work, and when I restarted, it worked.

    9- device control accuracy and response time is very good.

    10- The channel change rate is not mediocre, but it is not very fast.

    When the channel is turned on, the tuner signal level goes down 1-2 times and then it can stabilize.

    For now, you can ask as much as you want, or if there are things you want to test.

    Tv can be used to watch at the level.

    Best regards...
  • hasaflyhasafly Posts: 23WeTek Community Member
    Thank you all for the great job!!!
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