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how do i pair the gamepad to hub?

chalichali Posts: 7WeTek Community Member
Hi, how do i pair the gamepad to hub? i can't figure out what buttons to press on the gamepad to get into pair mode, And etek doesn't have any instruction or pdf to download on how to do this (WHY DOESN'T THAY HAVE THAT!!!!) So i put my home to this forum indeed and hope that some one can help me //Regards


  • ThrallThrall Posts: 3,321WeTek Support Team
    edited May 2018
    On your Hub, turn on the Bluetooth
    On your gamepad, press, and hold for 3 seconds the B+Center Key (HomeKey) to start the pairing process.

    The Gamepad should appear on your hub's Bluetooth list and you just need to pair them :)

    Best Regards

  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    included with your Gamepad you should have a small foldable quick start guide with this info.
    Additionally, on the sticker on the back of your remote, you have that exact same info.

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