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how to setup internal XMLTV ???

z0n1z0n1 Posts: 7WeTek Community Member
Hi I have everthing gooing on
multiple satelite diseqc 1.2 motor
local movies and TV server
kodi addons covenant...
just need to configure EPG, i have my own grabber and processor ( uses, xmltv, webgrab ... translates the pg to my language ... ) and it generates XMLTV file, how do I import the file to tvheadend (using internal or external XMLTV) my files is located on LAN disk (
please help, i can help if someone needs help with diesqc 1.2 setup



  • IrisdelatorreIrisdelatorre Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    The post looks at how to set up internal XMLTV. On Linux, run command "apt list | grep xmltv" and Confirm xmltv-util says "[installed,automatic]". If not, install the package so that you can easily setup internal XMLTV.

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