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HDMI Cables, Splitters, Ports, HDCP DRM ARC MHL

torontopaultorontopaul Posts: 87WeTek Community Member
Does anyone know about HDMI cables and which are best to use with a wetek or android box? Because of copyright laws like DRM or HDCP protection built in to HDMI cables and ports, they try to block any device or box it might even accidentally redflag.

I know on my tv there are 3 HDMI ports, HDCP, ARC, MHL.

The HDCP port no longer allows connection as this is built to block devices. So I use either the ARC or MHL ports but sometimes they do not work randomly like right now.

I have seen online it is suggested to use a special device like a splitter hdmi fir HDCP passthrough or bypass. Not sure if its real or not or works but they are $15-$100 on Amazon. Anyone know?

I have also read online that all HDMI cables are the same in terms of 4k vs 1080 resolution and its a marketing scam to buy a 4k HDMI. anyone know if thats true?

I want to find the right HDMI cables and or splitter to get my Wetek boxes to work smoothly again with the best results and resolution.

Are there any special HDMI cables that bypass hdcp without a splitter?


  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,982WeTek Support Team
    HDMI cables as long as they are not the ultra cheap versions should be able to net you 4K30 without any issue with HDCP whatsoever (use the one provided with your WeTek device)
    If you wish to have 4K60 you will need a better quality 2.0 HDMI cable. but then again, your Wetek core won't do a great job at 4K60, so you better stay will 4K30.

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