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"Buy" missing CVBS A/V cable, seriously Wetek ?...

neelneel Posts: 14WeTek Community Member
So my digital TV just failed and I have to fall back on a CRT TV for some time. By luck my wetek play2 offers a CVBS port but... the required 17.5mm TRRS cable is not included in the package...

After reading the forums here it sounded like Wetek support was sending this cable to those who need it, so I asked the support.

Answer: you can buy the cable on our shop, and it is currently out of stock.

Seriously Wetek ? We pay 130euro for a play2 and you are not able to send this cable for free to the VERY few people who would request it ? And on top of that you make profit on selling this cable MUCH more than the price it costs you...

Such a crap customer care if you ask me. It would cost almost nothing to offer to send this for free to those who need it. This is not a 30 euro TV box, damn, 130 euro box and you ask customers to pay again to get the A/V cable for the CVBS port....


  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    While I understand your comment, there isn't very few people who use CVBS, a lot of people use CVBS. And honestly, I believe it was a marketing/financial/whatever decision.

  • TheLazyPeonTheLazyPeon Posts: 27WeTek Community Member
    Well, it is the way companies work these days.

    I face the same problem with my Kinect from Microsoft, paid $150 alone for the Kinect, when updating to the Xbox one X, the only available adapter in the market has been discontinued and only sold on ebay for $50+

    Still, the cable you can still get it from a local specialized electronics store... with a little patience
  • TheLazyPeonTheLazyPeon Posts: 27WeTek Community Member
    Not to mention, the number of adapters I had to buy from Apple when the Mac lost the connections....
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