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WeTV app???

bodgeupbodgeup Posts: 4WeTek Community Member
I read about the WeTV app before i purchased my Wetek Hub so i wanted to know where i can download it from to install??? I was under the impression it worked as an IPTV client, was one of the reasons i went with a Wetek box. I couldnt get a wetek play 2 box as they were out of stock so i went with the Wetek hub.

Can anyone point me to where i can get it?



  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    I believe you might have been reading wrong information.

    WeTV while able to be used as in IPTV client, will always need a connected tuner to be able to start the application. Since this is impossible in the hub, the app will not work.
    But if you are looking for an IPTV player only, I can recommend PerfectPlayer (get it from playstore)
    as it will work with the Hub and will most likely be a much better IPTV player than WeTV.

  • bodgeupbodgeup Posts: 4WeTek Community Member
    @Anima Thanks for the reply but im ok now i got stbemu running.

    Wetek hub seems fine apart from browser streaming, still having issues with that. I seem to get stuttering issues?? 1Gb ram though thats small isnt it?? Ive enabled dev mode and changed background processes to 1 or 2 and it seems to have helped.

    Cant wait for Wetek Air or what ever its called, Also i love my Wetek pro remote!! there worth there weight in gold those remotes!!!

    If i can just get my browser streaming sussed i can get rid of my htpc.

    Anyone know of any developer tools for weteks?? I wanted to look at building my own ROM. Something very lightweight for just browser and IPTV app. Linux or Android.

    Shouldnt it be in theory possible to boot a rom for a linux box if i found a download that works with Libreelec flasher??

    Thinking infomir box rom on sd card??? Would it work?? There both ARM based i think?

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