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Unable to Launch "Google" from "Add an account".

freeloaderfreeloader Posts: 2WeTek Community Member

I am unable to add a Google Account under Preferences -> More settings -> Personal -> Accounts.

The screen cycles back to the choice of Aptoide, Duo and Google. So it does not even launch the Google account menu for me to enter a username / password. I have done a hard reset twice.

What is going on?


  • WhoAmIWhoAmI Posts: 124WeTek Community Member
    Unfortunately I too am having problems with Play Store. When I went earlier to add an app I was given the choice of connecting with my current Google account or creating a new one. No matter what I choose I get thrown back into the 'choice' screen again, a few seconds after seeing the busy sign.
    I would appreciate ANY help offered by anyone at this stage.
    Seeing as this was first raised on August 4th by the OP and no response has been forthcoming I'm beginning to think Wetek support is no longer prepared to help their customers?!?
    I'm hoping it's not time to move on.
  • marcodibomomarcodibomo Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    Same for me at two WeTek core devices. WeTek please solve this google problem. Without play store you can do nothing
  • WhoAmIWhoAmI Posts: 124WeTek Community Member
    I've moved on and left Wetek in my wake. No support and broken products. Thankfully there is a lot better out there. Reliable products and support staff who really offer support ;)
  • siliconarmsiliconarm Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
    Same here :/ now I use Aptoide market (download and install apk directly from aptoide site) for now is fine for me.
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