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ptmdiamptmdiam Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
Hi All

can someone please help me understand the netflix versions/options?

on my TV - i consider that normal netflix
on my nvidia shield - its the same netflix as my tv
on my tablet - its different, white background, etc.
on my wetek hub - its similar to my tablet, i installed it via the aptoide app

on my wetek hub, I would prefer to use the version similar to my nvidia or TV


  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team

    long story short, you probably can't.

    the version you see at your TV and Nvidia is the AndroidTV version, designed for TV only.
    WeTek hub will be as a regular mobile phone and tablet, because the android version installed in the Hub is similar to phones and tablets, unlike the Nvidia which is a certified AndroidTV device.

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