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  • xtractxtract Posts: 26WeTek Community Member
    First and last stb from wetek. European company, you pay extra to get support and at the end you get a box that has 1/3 of the support the crappiest Chinese box has at 3 times the price.

    Hope you go bankrupt soon. Even your 'forum support' feels the same way as we do.
  • wetek7wetek7 Posts: 152WeTek Community Member
    We want our box to run netflix Amazon prime video etc...
    We don not blame Anima we blame wetek as a brand.
  • thbwthbw Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    You can downgrade to WeOS 2.0.3 an Amazon Prime works.
  • ctrlaltcactrlaltca Posts: 47WeTek Community Member
    Warning, downgrading from WeOS 3.x to 2.x is potentially a dangerous operation can could soft brick your device. You'd better contact the support team before trying.
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