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SSH pass

the_shadowthe_shadow Posts: 80WeTek Community Member
Hello ppl, someone know ssh root passwd? Or how to set a newone?



  • ctrlaltcactrlaltca Posts: 31WeTek Community Member
    As far as i know you should not be able to login as root. But from my tests you can just login to a root shell using adb:
    * Enable developer options in settings, then enable usb/network debug
    * Install "minimal adb and fastboot" (you'll find it on the xda-developers forum) and run "adb root shell"
    * Once you are logged as root, i guess toy can just "passwd" and choose your new password; i did not test ssh root usage, to be honest.
  • the_shadowthe_shadow Posts: 80WeTek Community Member
    Thnkx my frind
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