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Ubuntu Linux for Wetek Air

lmzalmza Posts: 24WeTek Community Member
Is there going to be an Ubuntu Linux image available for the Wetek Air, like there was for WP1 and 2?


  • AxelRoAxelRo Posts: 77WeTek Community Member
    Hi, HBO GO Europe(RO) and Netflix works with this device?
  • shadshad Posts: 110WeTek Community Member
    The device is not certified by Netflix yet (asked today). Is in process.

    And I guess there won't be a Linux image, because it has AndroidTV OS certiefied by Google, which doesn't allow to boot another OS, so there sadly won't be a way to use LibreELEC on Wetek Air. (asked today as well)
  • Solo0815Solo0815 Posts: 243WeTek Community Member
    LE would be very nice. Then I can replace my Play1 with the Air. I need 2 tuners.
    No LE, no Air
  • celedhrimceledhrim Posts: 22WeTek Community Member
    I follow and recommend wetek product from several year , wetek play 1 then 2 , was perfect box for open/libre/core elec , but this is finish , the air feel like a close android box :(

    Bye bye wetek , I was loving you , but it's finish if no *elec possiblity on your product anymore
  • DraghmarDraghmar Posts: 33WeTek Community Member
    celedhrim said:

    Bye bye wetek , I was loving you , but it's finish if no *elec possiblity on your product anymore

    I'd prefer solid Android box with full Netflix support (and other services) than having option to install different OS for only one purpose only. ;)

  • AnimaAnima Posts: 1,988WeTek Support Team
    Linux OS will not be possible due to the Google AndroidTV certification.
    As this will be the only OS possible in this device.

  • Smackit10Smackit10 Posts: 10WeTek Community Member
    I think I have to return the box to if no dual boot with libreelec :/
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