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samba and ssh

HektorHektor Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
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Hello everyone ,

can someone please give me a hint how to install samba and ssh server.
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  • sniffersniffer Posts: 228WeTek Community Member
    edited February 10
    hi sorry i still have my wetek air so i dont know it for sure
    i see my shield have no ssh too but if you want samba you must turn it on in windows
    Microsoft have remove the home sharing option

    this link is for how turn smb samba on and off
    How to detect, enable and disable SMBv1, SMBv2, and SMBv3 in Windows and Windows Server

    i have this not try yet i will try this if i have my wetek air
  • sniffersniffer Posts: 228WeTek Community Member

    see it must work this my win 10 with smb
  • limdullimdul Posts: 37WeTek Community Member
    I haven't found a working solution for samba or SSH server on the Air. For files I just went the other way and picked a file explorer with samba client support. Haven't had any reason for SSH yet so haven't looked into that, what do you need SSH for?
  • sniffersniffer Posts: 228WeTek Community Member

    on my shield i must turn on "transger files over local network" i mis that option in the wetek
    i think that can be the reason why the smb not works on the wetek
  • gjc2015gjc2015 Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    @limdul Hi can you advise how you got smb to work on the Air? i installed es (premium) which has SMB 2.0, and also tried using ftp on solid and fx and can't get it to work (the ftp is not visible on es, solid or fx installed on my other devices and does not work when manually installed).

    i currently transfer files from an android tablet and phone to my play2 using ftp server set up on solid on the play2. I want to do the same if possible with the Air i.e. set up and ftp server on it or have option of transferring to it via smb. I note solid ftp server is not shown as an option for the Air on play store.

    i have an usb connected to my air and want to use it as storage for media, photo's etc. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  • limdullimdul Posts: 37WeTek Community Member
    @gjc2015 I haven't found any way to move files to the Air via samba or SSH. I've only been able to use a file explorer on the air to access a share on my computer.
  • gjc2015gjc2015 Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    @limdul hi. Using a file explorer installed on air, I can see a pc share. I can transfer files from Air to the share but can't transfer any files to a usb disk installed in the air. I'm getting message to grant permission but can't get it to work.

    When i check permissions for the file explorer apps (as, fx) I can see that it has permission but, when i try to copy i get asked to grant permission.

    Is this a problem with android 8? the usb disk is shown as an sdcard, as its not configured as otg. Is there any way to grant permission?
  • limdullimdul Posts: 37WeTek Community Member
    @gjc2015 It's seems the dialog to grant SDCard access is missing from the WeTek Air, hence why you get an error when trying to grant permission. In newer versions of Android like version 8, an app needs to be granted access to write to external drives.

    You should submit this as a bug report to WeTek, I can't find any workaround to getting write access on USB Drive / SD Cards
  • gjc2015gjc2015 Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    @limdul I submitted the issue to wetek. Thanks for checking and confirming the issue.
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