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Tvheadend Live TV on Android TV

sniffersniffer Posts: 205WeTek Community Member
i found this on youtube i will try it on wetek
i hope it works


  • x_Killer_xx_Killer_x Posts: 51WeTek Community Member
    @why not using WeTV instead?
  • limdullimdul Posts: 30WeTek Community Member
    Well if you have a TVHeadend server already and want to watch the channels from that, TVHeadend server can support more formats than the WeTek built-in tuner can
  • shadshad Posts: 103WeTek Community Member
    I wonder if it would be possible for @ricardopvz to created a custom AndroidTV ROM again with built-in TVHeadend server etc.
    In case he is interested at all, that is. Some time ago he said he was waiting for WeTek Play2s, which never came. So hopefully he will be getting Wetek Air instead and making his ROM for it.
  • sniffersniffer Posts: 205WeTek Community Member
    the programma works only i dont know the inlog and pass for tvheadend
    normaly syou can see you pass on a file called superuse stand mosttime in the map tvheadend in the root from map, but i cant find it :(
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