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Impossible fluid playbak

WsemtuWsemtu Posts: 21WeTek Community Member
Hi guys,

I request your help where I've almost tried everything to fix this irritating situation...

My setup:
  • TV: Phillips 1080p TV (updated fw)
  • Sound system: Phillips soundbar HTL5120 (connected with an optical cable to the TV)
  • Box: Wetek Play 2 (HDMI to the TV). (latest fw)
I use the Android Plex app (latest version) to stream videos stored on my server library (20Gbps bandwidth U/D, yes, 20Gbps). My home broadband is at 150Mbs.

Here are the problems that I face:
  • I can’t have Direct play video playback without stutters. Especially on H.265 encoded video.
  • Sometimes see the "Source Too Slow For Continuous Playback" or “Your connection to the server is too slow”… but how could it be? Speedtests show high speeds.

Here is my config:
  • TV
HD fluid motion: Deactivated
  • Wetek
Video resolution: 1080p 60hz
Autoswitch to best resolution: ON
Deep color mode: OFF (for some reasons it goes back off after playback)
  • Plex
Auto convert resolution: OFF
Home quality: Maximum (can’t put original)
Local quality: Maximum (can’t put original)
Burn subtitles: Automatic
Audio boost: Large
Passthrough: Activated (Optical)
Optical encodings: DTS and AC3 (ticked)
Refresh rate: OFF
H.264 max level: 5.1 (recommended)

Before you asked:
  • I’ve tried connected all devices to the soundbar via HDMI and use the ARC Feature. Same problem.
  • I’ve tried to disable Passthrough. Same problem.
  • I’ve tried to activate refresh rate, but video once played stay on loading loop (only if I switch to “Convert” and then back to “Original” resolution solves the problem, strangely… but that’s really boring)
  • I’ve cleared cache and data of the Plex app. Same problem.
I'm out of ammo guys…

Any advices?

Thanks in advance.

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