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LibreELEC frequently crashing causing corruption of SD card

eskibreweskibrew Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
Hi all, first post here :)

I've got a Wetek Play (original I think) with a twin satellite received fitted and I receive Freesat in the UK. I boot Libreelec from an SD card and I store recordings on an external 3.5" hard drive.

I am getting frustrated with frequent crashing, frequent being every few days. I've never witnessed it crash but sometimes when I turn on the TV, the GUI shows something reasonable but there is no response to the remote and the time is usually stuck showing something in the early hours.

The only solution is to pull the power and then plug it back in - sadly it's not unusual for this to corrupt the SD card so I have to reformat it and put a new image on the card. I've tried multiple SD cards to rule that out as a problem.

I can't work out what might be causing it or how to stop it happening. Any ideas gratefully received.
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