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Newbie & Novice, cannot login into play store, help please

delorean12ukdelorean12uk Posts: 1WeTek Community Member
Hi, I wonder if anybody could help me, I have a wetek streamer that I use to play films and other media using the 'we play'. I read somewhere that 'we play' is the same as kodi??? and as most of my film collection is mpg, the films stutter which I also read is a problem with Kodi playing mpg formats, all other formats such as MKV and avi are okay. So I would like to down load other media players such as VLC , but the play store screen comes up and the 'sign in' login button highlights but nothing happens??? The box did ask for 2 updates which I did but its still the same and cannot progress any further than the sign in screen. Could you help me resolve this issue please, Kind regards Jason
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