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lost everything again!

eclefeclef Posts: 9WeTek Community Member
edited July 2019 in OpenELEC/LibreELEC (Core)
I'm pretty gutted at the moment as I appear to have lost everything on my wetek core.

I was unable to log on to WiFi, as I got an invalid arguement message whenever I clicked on my connection name.
I searched online and someone else said they fixed it, by going to 'reset above settings to default' within the same openelec menu.

I assumed this was resetting general WiFi/connection settings. After 30 seconds it rebooted my system, and now I'm back to the very basic Kodi installation, with no files, sources, skins customisations, add-ons or anything!

Do I need to start everything from scratch, or is there any way to recover my stuff? Surely it didn't delete all my add-ons and everything, in the time it took my box to reboot??

Any help appreciated. I wish that setting had warned me that I'd lose everything.
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