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Pantalla en Bucle

milanomilano Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
al actualizar via OTA el Wetek Core la pantalla presenta un bucle interminablecon el logo de We Os y el aparato no arranca.He intentado poner en practica todas las medidas posibles y estoy agotado de perder el tiempo sin solucionar un problema del cual no soy responsable.Les agradecería me indicaran el método definitivo de solucionar este problema tan abundante en otros usuarios de su magnifico device.
Muy agradecido


  • x_Killer_xx_Killer_x Posts: 70WeTek Community Member
    @milano have done a clean installation?
  • milanomilano Posts: 3WeTek Community Member

    Yes, but it's still the same. I think that WeteK's technical support should indicate how it solves the problem definitively and not be testing continuously. It gives the impression that neither the technical support knows how to solve the problem. Please a little more respect to the client that he has spent his money on his products. I am TIRED of wasting time and no one gives me a solution.
  • milanomilano Posts: 3WeTek Community Member
    I regret having to tell you that WeTek technical support does not exist or behaves badly with your clients. Can you give me a solution to my problem or is it that you do not know how your own products work?
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