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No "/userdata" partition available after install Wetek 1.1.8

rafaellinuxuserrafaellinuxuser Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
I have a WP1 that come with OpenElec in NAND. Now I'm trying to install Wetek OS 1.1.8 . I got to install it using TWRP and even boot with it. After configure system thru the menus that appears asking for language, WiFi, and so on, if I try to install anything, system says I have no space available. I check that TRWP is not able to find or mount any "userdata" partition (it shows "Unable to mount /data" when try to mount/unmount data partition, and even can't enable the "Data" checkbox in "mount/unmount partitions").

How can I create the userdata partition in my NAND and why is it not created just after installing Wetek OS? What am I doing wrong?

Please, any help will be appreciated

Thank you


  • rafaellinuxuserrafaellinuxuser Posts: 2WeTek Community Member
    I solved it by myself. As OpenElec doesn't have the Android needed partitions, I needed a ROM that could create the Android partitions, not a "update" Android ROM. I found "WeTek OS v1.1.7 (clean installation)" that create all Android necessary partitions and installs "WetekOS 1.1.7". Now I can install any Wetek friendly custom ROM.

    I wish it could help someone with same issue.
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