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CM11 or CM12

MinichipMinichip Posts: 32WeTek Community Member
Dear all,
As a new user on Wetek (DVB-s/2 in the uk) i have read the links on the cm11 and cm12 , but to be honest I am confused, which is best to use ????
sorry if it has been asked before, but I have got the android and the openelec working (took a while to get the tvh and Censure working, but the CM versions seem the way to go.
is there a simple explanation of cm11/12 and what would the forum recommend..


  • ChristianTroyChristianTroy Posts: 1,913WeTek Community Member, Developers
    One is based on Kitkat (11), while the other on Lollipop (12). I'd tell you to use 11 all the time since Lollipop is way too heavy for Play's SOC.
  • MinichipMinichip Posts: 32WeTek Community Member
    Thanks Christian , CM11 it is then I will write back if successful !!!
  • bejebeje Posts: 12WeTek Community Member
    Dear Christian, thumbs up for the developments!
    Are there any lists with advantages of the CM also against the stock "Wetek" ROM? I am quite curious...
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